The city and surrounding region of Thornkeep carries plenty of opportunity for adventurers. To take advantage of the opportunities, a list is provided here with many of the landmarks and establishments of the area. While it may seem odd that adventurers new in town would know all of these locales, none of the ones shown here are a secret and would be easy to learn about simply by asking around.

The gods can be found in the Core Rulebook. If you are wanting your character to worship a different god, like one found in D&D 3.5, you must run it past the GM first.

  • Abadar
  • Asmodeus
  • Cayden Cailean
  • Erastil

The businesses listed here are ones that will provide services for the characters for a fee.

  • Adventurers’ Guild – a group centered on assisting the city in repairing its problems
  • The Bouncing Sausage Inn – the first of its kind and the finest inn in Thornkeep. has only been open for a year
  • The Choked Cock – the town brothel, providing both male and female services
  • The God with Seven Legs – a pub set in an abandoned church of Pharasma
  • Main Street Market – a wide variety of street vendors are found here, selling produce and a myriad of other supplies
  • Mattimeo’s Imports – a shop with exotic weaponry, art, and other supplies not found in the region
  • Vark’s Supplies – a cheap goods store found right by the city, owned by Pygsin Vark


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