Character Creation


There are many things to consider when creating a character for a campaign. How well will he perform in battle? How efficient will she be at performing great acts of skill?

While this campaign focuses more on skills, abilities, and battles, roleplaying and great character moments will remain to be a large part of the overall experience. Don’t necessarily start with deciding a class and then shoehorning a backstory in. How have the events of your character’s life shaped him/her to be what they are by the start of the campaign?

This page will cover the expectations that come from character creation. If your character dies or you just want to make a new one, check here for the guidelines.

only core races are allowed

core, base, and hybrid classes are all allowed

only archetypes found in the Advanced Player’s Guide and the Advanced Class Guide are allowed. for reference with the SRD

character sheets must be through Obsidian

absolutely no restructuring of your character without following the rules found in the Core Rulebook

15-point buy system. a calculator can be found here

characters must have at least one rank in the Profession _________ skill

max HP at 1st level; levels after are [(roll + max) / 2]

roll for your starting wealth utilizing the chart found here

Character Creation

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