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Adventurers Wanted

Some adventurers dream of fame, of amassing great fortune, or of saving the world. In a city filled with unique characters and adventurers, what will you do to stand out from the pack and fulfill your dreams?

Welcome to Snowbrook! A gorgeous city on the continent of Lilinith’ri. What started as a rest stop for weary travelers is slowly becoming a major avenue for trading and supplies. These streets are filled with unique folk and opportunities, all offering adventurers the chance to become something great. Will you aid the farmer whose boy went missing during a hunting trip? Or will you take part in an annual theatre contest to prevent a murder from happening? Or will you become mayor of the town and pardon an old friend who was wrongfully imprisoned sessions ago?

In Snowbrook, you can be who you want to be and still be viable. Your choices in character build will be highlighted so that you feel like you have an impact in the session; but you will also be tested, forced to change up tactics in a moment’s notice to narrowly avoid your death. And if you feel like changing it up? Your adventurer can leave town after a quest only for someone new to come in and fill her place.

Think of Snowbrook like a Saturday morning cartoon, or in the style of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, to get an idea of the atmosphere of the campaign. Combat will be stylized, characters filled with heart and soul, and light-heartedness abound. Don’t mistake it though, the world is a dangerous place, and the only way you may survive is with the help of others.

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GM’s Note

Game-Mastering (or GMing) is something I’ve really enjoyed doing since I was taught how to play Dungeons & Dragons with 3.5 edition during my first summer of PRT. Since then I’ve GM’d quite a number of campaigns from a ten-part Batman story set in Gotham to a Redwall three-shot and to a trilogy of year-long campaigns. Many of these campaigns had taken on more serious tones, heavily focused on the role-playing and the themes behind the actions of the characters and villains; they also carried a significantly cinematic style to them, forgoing many of the rules so that the narrative would not be impeded. These design choices had their good and bad parts, and the campaigns had their ups and downs, but I am proud of each campaign I have designed for gamers.

With all of that said I feel the need to change my style. This is partially to do with the fact that friends/fellow gamers have and will move away. It also has to do with the fact that I have seen my current style played out through three terrific campaigns and that I need to change. This campaign, while still being very RP focused, will focus a lot more on the rules of the game to help govern these choices. A heavy focus on combat and skill encounters is what you’ll find in Snowbrook, something that I feel many have been clamoring for.

My only hope is that this provides everyone who wants to play the opportunity to have fun. Over the years I’ve seen many, myself included, waver from that idea when thinking about DnD. This will be a new experience but I hope it offers those who participate a break from the stress of work and the drama of life.



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